Tips for Buying a Great Mattress

Buying a mattress can be challenging but if you break the process down into simple steps, you will be sleeping on the perfect mattress in no time. The most important step, though, is deciding what type of mattress you want.

Figure Out What You Want

Mattresses are available in a couple different types of construction: innerspring, waterbeds, memory foam, latex and adjustable air chambers.


Long the standard, innerspring mattresses have a bed of coils inside that move with your weight and offer firm support.


Waterbeds can be comfortable options but may not provide enough support for people with chronic back pain. Waterbeds require unique bed frames to hold the mattress in place. The interior of the mattress is typically a system of chambers and baffles to reduce motion transfer. Waterbeds can be adjustable based on the amount of water you add, however, they can also spring leaks.


Memory foam mattresses are made from a thick, petroleum-based foam that contours directly to your body for custom support that alleviates pressure on joints. Traditional memory foam can retain heat but newer gel-infused foams may offer a cooler night’s sleep.


Latex mattresses provide comfort similar to memory foam. Latex can be made artificially or completely natural from the sap of rubber trees.


Airbeds are a popular alternative for couples that have differing preferences for a soft or firm bed and for guest rooms. Using a series of air chambers, each sleeper can set the pressure in her side of the bed independently for custom comfort.


Get Shopping

Once you’ve decided which type of mattress may be best for you, it’s time to start shopping. Look at different options within the type of mattress you prefer and narrow down your choice from there.

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